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Virginia CZM Program: 2018 Coastal Grant Project Description and Final Summary

Project Task:VA Coastal Zone Management Program logo



Northern Neck Planning District Commission

Project Title:

Rural Chesapeake Bay/Seaside of Virginia Working Waterfront Master Plan Implementation

Project Description:

This project proposes to expand and complement the current Working Waterfront 309 strategy through tools that help promote and ensure the sustainability of working waterfronts and related industries.  This project is intended to continue the knowledge gained, benefits accrued and new policy success achieved under previous grants from the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (VCZMP). This continuing collaboration between coastal Planning District Commissions will receive participation from the A-NPDC, MPPDC, and NNPDC. Additional support will be provided by VACZM staff and the Rural Chesapeake Bay-Seaside Working Waterfront Coalition. Research over the last decade, much of which was made possible by VCZMP, has pointed to the need to preserve and enhance working waterfronts in order to preserve the economic diversity and vitality and the unique culture of our coastal communities.  The goal of this effort is to generate economic sustainability through the creation of outreach and educational tools that highlight new state-level policies that the initiative has achieved thus far and promote continued adoption of local-level policy supporting Virginia’s working waterfronts and the coastal region's assets.

Efforts under previous grants in the Working Waterfronts strategy from the VACZM helped to implement the recommendations of the Working Waterfront Master Plan. The last three General Assembly sessions resulted in considerable policy progress by state legislators working to strengthen working waterfronts across the Commonwealth.  During the 2016, 2017, and 2018 General Assembly Sessions, a comprehensive suite of coastal focused legislative bills were submitted and approved targeting key issues important to working waterfronts. These bills addressed waterfront property tax exemption, living shorelines, dredging, expediting dredge spoil permitting, storm water management, waterway maintenance.

In this third year of the Working Waterfront 309 Strategy, this project proposes to build on the successful implementation of the recommended actions of Local Government and the Virginia General Assembly, as identified in the 2016 Working Waterfronts Master Plan, by implementing the recommended Private Sector actions toward adoption of recommended local government level policies.  Specifically, the project seeks to “educate community leaders and the public on the importance of our working waterfronts to our economy and our culture,” as recommended in the 2016 Working Waterfronts Master Plan. Education and outreach will be achieved through the creation of two digital products that showcase working waterfronts in coastal Virginia as well as the Virginia Working Waterfronts Master Plan. These ready-made materials will be widely disseminated and integrated on local and regional websites in addition to the Virginia Coastal Geospatial and Educational Mapping System.

This integrated approach to marketing the benefits of working waterfronts to communities and messaging to localities, the public, and the business community will include StoryMaps and an outreach video showcasing examples of working waterfront industries in all three regions. These industries include, but are not limited to, local watermen/women, aquaculture, oyster hatcheries, marinas, boatbuilding, marine diesel repair, eco-tour guides and charter operations.  The tools created will promote healthy working waterfronts that model sustainability and encourage achieving the most we can for both environmental protection and economic growth.

Federal Funding:


Project Contact:

John Bateman, 804.313.8478,

Project Status:

10/1/18 - 9/30/19; Project Open

Final Product:


Project Summary:


Disclaimer: This project summary provides the federal dollars initially awarded to the grantee. Due to underexpenditure or reprogramming of grant funds, this figure may change. For more information on the allocation of coastal grant funds, please contact Laura McKay, Virginia Coastal Program Manager, at 804.698.4323 or email:

A more detailed Scope of Work for this project is available. Please direct your request for a copy to or

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