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Virginia CZM Program: 2017 Coastal Grant Project Description and Final Summary

Project Task: 

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Richmond Regional Planning District Commission

Project Title:

Richmond Regional Technical Assistance

Project Description:

The Richmond Regional Planning District Commission will provide policy and planning assistance to member localities as follows:

1. Technical Assistance Report
• RRPDC staff will provide technical assistance to local governments in the Richmond Region for items such as environmental and intergovernmental reviews, grant applications, local and Chesapeake Bay TMDL planning, etc.
2. Coordination & Training Report
• RRPDC staff will host quarterly meetings of local staff representatives who work with coastal resource management issues.
3. Issue Analysis/Special Project – Regional Public Water and Sewer Inventory
• RRPDC staff will work with Directors of Public Utilities to update the 2010 Richmond Regional Water and Sewer Inventory.
4. Benefits Accrued from Prior CZM Grants
• RRPDC staff will summarize how projects funded by CZM grants in the past have produced measurable benefits.

Federal Funding:


Project Contact:

Barbara Jacocks, 804.323.2033 ext. 103;

Project Status:

10/1/ 2017 - 9/30/2018; Project Completed

Final Product:

Final Report: Richmond Regional Technical Assistance - Federal Fiscal Year 2017 (PDF)

Project Summary:

Technical Assistance Report – RRPDC staff completed 64 environmental reviews and 53 intergovernmental reviews during the reporting period. For a listing and summary of each project or permit reviewed by RRPDC staff, see the Environmental and Intergovernmental Review section of the RRPDC website.  RRPDC staff participated in a committee to develop a Richmond region native plant guide.  RRPDC staff attended meetings through participation on the City of Richmond’s RVA H2O technical committee.  The RVA H2O program is tied to the City’s integrated permit and improving water quality in the City of Richmond.  More information can be found at .  RRPDC staff continue to follow the development of Virginia’s Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan associated with the Chesapeake Bay TMDL.  RRPDC staff participate on the James River Action Team (JRAT) of the Capital Region Collaborative (CRC).  The goal of the JRAT is to implement the Rivers of the Region Plan and help to coordinate CRC activities related to the James River.

Coordination and Training Report – RRPDC staff hosted an Environmental TAC (Env TAC) meeting on December 19, 2017; DEQ staff presented updates about Bay Act training and the Chesapeake Bay TMDL Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan process.  RRPDC staff provided an update on projects completed and underway.  The meeting concluded with a roundtable update discussion.  In February 2018, RRPDC staff completed a white paper outlining recommendations to reinvigorate the RRPDC Env TAC for greater benefit for the localities and the RRPDC work program.  RRPDC staff hosted two Environmental TAC conference calls on April 10 and May 2, 2018, devoted to discussion of Virginia’s development of the Phase III WIP associated with the Chesapeake Bay TMDL.  On May 24, RRPDC staff hosted an in-person meeting with local staff representatives and Virginia DEQ staff to discuss the process for development of the Phase III WIP. On June 12, RRPDC jointly hosted a training workshop with Crater PDC staff for locality staff.  DEQ provided attendees training on Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act Resource Protection Area determination.  The workshop included an in-class portion and a field study portion.  On August 23, 2018, RRPDC staff hosted an expanded Environmental TAC meeting with local environmental, planning, economic development, and parks and recreation staff in attendance.  DCR staff presented information about the Scenic Rivers Program and encouraged consideration of such designation by localities in the region. 

Regional Public Water and Sewer Inventory- RRPDC staff updated the Regional Water and Sewer Inventory initially published in 2010.  The 2018 update was done in cooperation with the region’s utility directors and presents information on permitted capacities, recent and future projects, and regional cooperation.  A digital copy of the 2018 update is available on the RRPDC website.

Benefits Accrued - RRPDC staff have noted examples of benefits accrued from previously funded work.  Highlights about public access and conserved land mapping will be summarized in the grant Final Report.

Disclaimer: This project summary provides the federal dollars initially awarded to the grantee. Due to underexpenditure or reprogramming of grant funds, this figure may change. For more information on the allocation of coastal grant funds, please contact Laura McKay, Virginia Coastal Program Manager, at 804.698.4323 or

A more detailed Scope of Work for this project is available. Please direct your request for a copy to or



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