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Virginia CZM Program FY 2014 Grant Projects

Grant Period: October 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015 (note: some projects may have different start and end dates - link to the project summary page and check 'Project Status' for these dates.)

For more information about these projects - scope of work and project results and final product - please contact April Bahen or Virginia Witmer. Please reference the grant year, task number and project title.

Disclaimer: This project list provides the federal dollars initially awarded to the grantee. Due to underexpenditure or reprogramming of grant funds, this figure may change. For more information on the allocation of coastal grant funds, please contact Laura McKay, Virginia Coastal Program Manager, at 804.698.4323 or email:

Task  Grantee  Project  Federal Funding 
Section 306/306A   
Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program  Coastal Program Management  $291,000 
1.01  Virginia Institute of Marine Science  Coastal Management Support $112,368 
1.02  Virginia Commonwealth University  Coastal Management GIS Support and Coastal GEMS Maintenance  $95,541 
1.03  Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program  Virginia CZM Program Outreach & Social Marketing $96,754 
Back Bay Restoration Foundation Virginia Beach Watersheds Forum $2,500 
3 Virginia Department of Environmental Quality  EIR and Federal Consistency  $140,819 
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality  Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF) Match-City of Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Nutrient Removal Upgrade  $943,322 (match only) 
Virginia Marine Resources Commission Permit Review & Compliance $160,000 
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Habitat Conservation/Locality Liaison  $50,000 
Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences-Center for Coastal Resources Management  Tidal Wetlands Management Technical Support  $42,000 
Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences  2014 Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Distribution and Abundance Survey  $60,000 
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation  Healthy Waters Program in the Coastal Zone $27,000 
10  Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation  A Beautiful Woods-the Fee Purchase of 1.1 Acres of Dune Woodlands to Expand the Pickett's Harbor Natural Area Preserve, Northampton County, Virginia (Lot 2)  $117,351 
10.01  George Mason University  Socio-economic Impacts of Conserved Land on Virginia's Eastern Shore  $108,825 
11  Virginia Institute of Marine Science  Seaside Restoration $161,000 
12  Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation  Coastal Zone Natural Landscape Assessment Update  $32,102 
13  Virginia Commonwealth University  Coastal VEVA Components Update and Coastal GEMS Application Enhancements  $36,949 
14  Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries  Updating Priority Wildlife Diversity Conservation Areas for Coastal Conservation and Planning  $28,791 
41  Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission A-NPDC Technical Assistance Program $30,000 
42  Crater Planning District Commission Crater PDC Technical Assistance Program $30,000 
43 Hampton Roads Planning District Commission HRPDC Technical Assistance Program $60,000 
44 Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission MPPDC Technical Assistance Program $30,000 
45 Northern Neck Planning District Commission NNPDC Technical Assistance Program $30,000 
46 Northern Virginia Regional Commission NVRC Technical Assistance Program $30,000 
47  George Washington Regional Commission GWRC Technical Assistance Program $30,000 
48 Richmond Regional Planning District Commission RRPDC Technical Assistance Program $30,000 
49 Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation  Virginia Sea Turtle and Marine Mammal Stranding Network $31,000 
51  Hampton Roads Planning District Commission  Development and Implementation of Public Outreach and Adaptation Responses to Sea Level Rise Cancelled 
52  Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission  Public Access Authority Private Land Giving Program Development for Enhancement of Public Water Access on the Middle Peninsula    $40,000 
53  Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission  Captain Sinclair’s Recreational Area Water Access Improvement and Native Coastal Landscaping Project  $39,977 
54  Northern Neck Planning District Commission  Phase 2 Implementation of the Plant NNK (Northern Neck) Natives Campaign  $16,035 
55  Richmond Regional Planning District Commission  Brown’s Island Dam Walk South Bank Habitat Restoration and Native Plant Demonstration $31,988 
Section 309  
91  Virginia Coastal Policy Center at the College of William and Mary  Narrative Enforceable VA CZM Policies  $30,000 
92  Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission Policy Development for Virginia's Working Waterfronts Plan $50,000 
93 Virginia Institute of Marine Science  Shoreline Management Planning $135,000 
94.01  Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission  Drainage and Roadside Ditching Authority $40,000 
94.02  Northern Virginia Regional Commission  Land and Water Quality Protection Northern Virginia Phase I: Municipal Policies for Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure $40,000 
95.01  Virginia Commonwealth University  Virginia Ocean Plan: Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator $41,675 
95.02  Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program  Virginia Ocean Plan: Community Specialist Cancelled
95.03  Longwood University  Virginia Marine Debris Reduction Plan Refinement and Implementation of Balloon Reduction Social Marketing Campaign  $83,325 
95.04  Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation Offshore Energy Planning: Continued Documentation of Megafauna off Virginia’s Coast Using Aerial Survey $100,000 
GRAND TOTAL  (306/306A/309)    $2,512,000 - Federal
$1,992,000 - Match

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