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Virginia CZM Program Forms

Virginia CZM Program LogoThe Virginia CZM Program provides a series of grant application guidance documents and forms to its grantees. These forms are described below. All forms also can be downloaded from the Grantee Guidance and Information web page.

Grant Application and Procedure Guidance

Virginia CZM Program Proposal Guidance (revised 2019) (PDF)  

Virginia CZM Program Proposal Template (revised 2018) (Word)  

Virginia Coastal PDC Technical Assistance Grant Minimum Standards (PDF)  

Virginia CZM Program 306A Project Guidance (PDF) - outlines the documentation and steps required by the grantee before construction and land acquisition projects can proceed.  

NOAA Environmental Data Sharing Policy and Guidance - 2013 (PDF) 

Grant Reporting Guidance and Forms

General Grant Reporting Guidance (PDF)

Final Product Reporting Guidance (PDF)

  • The Semiannual Progress Report is submitted by the Virginia CZM Program grantee to report progress toward each contract deliverable. Semiannual reports are usually due on April 15th and October 15th. The Semiannual Progress Reports are compiled and sent to NOAA.   Download Semiannual Narrative Progress Report (Word) 
  • The Financial Report is submitted by the Virginia CZM Program grantee semi-annually to report expenditure of grant funding. The report is evaluated by the program to insure that expenditures (and match) are consistent with the contracted budget.  Please contact April Bahen, Virginia CZM Grants Coordinator, (804) 698-4005, or your assigned Virginia CZM Program Project Manager, for a copy of this personalized form.   
  • The Final Project Summary is completed by the Virginia CZM Program grantee to briefly summarize the results of the project, including a link to reports and a description of any other multi-media produced and distributed related to the grant. Final project summaries are used for various reports and publications to illustrate the work supported by the Virginia CZM Program.  This is particulalry important when to convey the value and continued need for federal funding under the CZMA from Congress.  Download Final Project Summary (Word)  
  • The Budget Amendment  Form is submitted by the Virginia CZM Program grantee to requestany adjustments within the categories of their originally approved grant budget. 

Grantees must contact their assigned Virginia CZM Program Project Manager if these adjustments are needed. April Bahen, Virginia CZM Grants Coordinator, (804) 698-4005, will then send the grantee a customized 'Budget Amendment' form, which will include the original budget. 

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For comments or questions concerning this program's web pages, contact Virginia Witmer.

This website is provided by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program through a federal Coastal Zone Management Act grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce.

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