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Virginia CZM Program LogoCoastal Zone Management is an extremely complex activity. Virginia's CZM Program includes everything from wetlands laws to public access to sustainable economic development. It's about making resource protection and economic development fit together rather than preclude each other.

Virginia's network of natural resource agencies shares responsibility for implementing Virginia's coastal resources management laws and policies. Facilitating cooperation among these agencies is the Coastal Policy Team (CPT).

The CPT, whose members and alternates represent the Virginia CZM Program's key partners and eight planning district commissions, provides a forum for discussion and resolution of cross-cutting coastal resource management issues.  Members serve on the team at the discretion of their agency or planning district commission director.  

Mission of the Coastal Policy Team

  • Identify coastal policy issues that cut across agency jurisdictions and develop policy recommendations. For example: habitat restoration, marina technical assistance, aquaculture management, ecotourism development, stormwater management.
  • Guide the development of measures or indicators to analyze the effectiveness of Virginia's CZM Program and current health and status of our coastal resources and guides the future activities of the Program.
  • Recommend funding levels to the DEQ Director for coastal zone management projects.

Coastal Policy Team Meeting Summaries:   



Virginia Coastal Policy Team
Laura McKay
Manager, Virginia CZM Program
Department of Environmental Quality
(804) 698-4323
Sharon Baxter
Ex Officio
Director, Division of Environmental Enhancement
Department of Environmental Quality
(804) 698-4344
John Kuriawa
Ex Officio
Program Specialist
NOAA, Office of Coastal Resource Management
(301) 563-7202
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) - Lead Agency
Appointee Alternate
Bettina Rayfield
Manager, EIR/Federal Consistency Office
(804) 698-4204    

Joan Salvati
Manager, Local Government Assistance Programs,
Water Planning Division 
(804) 698-4230

David Davis
Director, Office of Wetlands & Stream Protection,
Water Permitting Division
(804) 698-4105
  Dan Salkovitz 
Environmental Specialist, Office of Air Data Analysis
(804) 698-4404 
Meghann Quinn  
Manager, Pollution Prevention Program
(804) 698-4021
Ann Regn
Division Director, Public Information & Outreach
(804) 698-4442
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS)
Appointee Alternate
Kevin Schmidt
Director, Office of Policy, Planning & Research
(804) 786-1346
Erin Williams
Senior Policy Analyst
(804) 786-7157
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)
Appointee Alternate
Danette Poole
Director, Division of Planning & Recreation
(804) 786-1119
Roberta Rhur
Environmental Programs Planner
(804) 371.2594
Jason Bulluck 
Director, Division of Natural Heritage
(804) 786-8377
Joseph Weber
Natural Heritage Information Manager
(804) 371-2545 
Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM)
Appointee Alternate
Curtis Brown
Chief Deputy/Chief of Staff
Tavorise Marks
Resilience Program Manager
(804) 897-6500
Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF)
Appointee Alternate
Terry Lasher
Eastern Regional Forester
Matt Poirot
Assistant Director, Water Quality Program
(434) 220-9027
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF)
Appointee Alternate
David Whitehurst
Director, Bureau of Willdife Resources
(804) 367-0940   
Ray Fernald
Environmental Review
(804) 367-8364
Becky Gwynn
Assistant Bureau Director, Wildlife Resources
(804) 829-6720 
Glen Askins
Regional Terrestrial Operations Manager
(804) 829-6656  
Virginia Department of Health (VDH)  
Appointee Alternate
Keith Skiles
Shellfish Sanitation Division Director
(804) 864-7477             
Todd Egerton, Ph.D.
Marine Scientist Supervisor, Div. of Shellfish Sanitation
(804) 355-5745
Lance Gregory
Interim Director, Division of Onsite Sewage & water Services
(804) 864-7491
Todd Grubbs
Environmental Health Coordinator
(804) 864-7462
Virginia Department of Historic Resources (DHR)
Appointee Alternate
Roger Kirchen
Director, Review and Compliance Division
(804) 482-6091 
Ethel Eaton
Sr. Policy Analyst, Review and Compliance
(804) 482-6088
Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME)
Appointee Alternate
Kenneth Jurman
Policy Planning Specialist
(804) 692-3222
David Spears
Regulatory Coordinator
(434) 951-6350
Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
Appointee Alternate
Steven Begg
Natural Resource Program Manager
Environmental Quality Division
(804) 786-4304
Tracey Harmon
Environmental Permit Manager
(804) 371-6834
Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)
Appointee Alternate
Lyle Varnell
Assistant Director, Advisory Services
(804) 684-7764
Pam Mason
Center for Coastal Resource Management
(804) 684-7387
William Reay
Manager, Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve System in VA
(804) 684-7119
Troy Hartley
Virginia Sea Grant
(804) 684-7248
Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC)
Appointee Alternate
Tony Watkinson
Deputy Chief, Habitat Management
(757) 247-2255
Randy Owen
Deputy Chief, Habitat Management
(757) 247-2251
Lewis Gillingham
Director, Virginia Recreational Saltwater Tournament
(757) 491-5160
Alicia Nelson
Liaison for Recreational Fishing Advisory Board
(757) 247-8155
Oyster Conservation and Replenishment
Virginia Planning District Commission Representatives
Appointee Alternate
Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission (ANPDC)
Curtis Smith  
Director of Planning
(757) 787-2936 x 114  
Shannon Alexander
Coastal Resources Program Manager
(757) 787-2936 x 115  
Crater Planning District Commission (Crater PDC)
Mark Bittner
Director of Planning & Information Technology
(804) 861-1666 x237
Dennis Morris
Executive Director
(804) 861-1666 x231
George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC)
Kate Gibson
Senior Planner
(540) 642-1579    
Linda Millsaps
Executive Director
(540) 642-1580
Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC)
Ben McFarlane
Senior Regional Planner
(757) 420-8300
Keith Cannady
Deputy Executive Director
(757) 420-8300
Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (MPPDC)
Lewie Lawrence
Director of Regional Planning
(804) 758-2311
Beth Johnson
Finance Director
(804) 758-2311
Northern Neck Planning District Commission (NNPDC)
John Bateman
Regional Planner
(804) 333-1900
Lisa Hull
Economic Development Coordinator
(804) 333-1900
Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVPDC)
Corey Miles
Senior Environmental Planner/Coastal Program Mgr.
(703) 642-4625 
Normand Goulet
Acting Director, Div. of Planning & Environmental Services
(703) 642-4634 
Richmond Regional Planning District Commission (RRPDC)
Sarah Stewart
Senior Planner
(804) 323-2003              
Barbara Jacocks
Director of Planning
(804) 323-2033


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