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Virginia's eight coastal planning district commissions (PDCs) play an integral role in the Virginia Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Program.  (See What is a 'planning district commission'? and all eight coastal PDCs meet quarterly with Virginia CZM staff.  In addition, each PDC holds quarterly meetings for its local coastal resource managers.  Coastal PDCs provide an important link between the state agencies and 87 localities that constitute Virginia's network of coastal resource managers. A representative from each PDC serves on the Virginia CZM Program's Coastal Policy Team and all eight coastal PDCs meet quarterly with Virginia CZM staff. In addition, each PDC holds quarterly meetings for its local coastal resource managers. 

The Virginia CZM Program supports each coastal PDC with an annual technical assistance grant and has provided assistance for a variety of regional and local coastal resource management projects sponsored by the PDCs.

With this funding support, Virginia's coastal PDCs have been instrumental in the planning and implementation of many key environmental programs including:

  • The Chesapeake Bay Agreement and the Preservation Act
  • Virginia's Tributary Strategy Program
  • Wetlands Protection
  • Erosion and Sediment Control and Storm Water Management
  • Virginia's Ground Water Management Program
  • Watershed Planning

Virginia CZM Program Funding To PDCs

Virginia CZM Program funding requires that each PDC provide:

  • At least four regional coordination meetings and four training opportunities per year for their local government coastal resource managers.
  • A special project each year that helps advance the goals of the Virginia CZM Program.  These special projects involve analysis of a coastal resource management issue that is important to the region or to a particular locality, involve coordination with appropriate stakeholders and result in a product (report, map, brochure, etc.).

PDCs are also eligible to apply for competitive grant funding when it is available to address a specific issue beyond the scope of their technical assistance programs.  To be eligible for funding, projects must relate to one or more of the ten goals of the Virginia CZM Program.  Projects chosen reflect local or regional priorities and must include three components: 

1) coordination,

2) outreach and training,

3) transferability. 

For more information on Virginia CZM Program funding and grants received by Virginia's coastal planning district commissions go to...

The Coastal PDCs and the Virginia Coastal Program have provided the technical assistance, research and guidance needed to establish many environmental programs considered highly valuable as regional solutions to environmental concerns including:

  • Accomack-Northampton PDC:
    Involvement in the establishment of the Eastern Birding and Wildlife Trail.
  • George Washington Regional Commission (formerly RADCO) and Northern-Neck PDC:
    Support for the Rappahannock River Basin Commission's many efforts in water quality improvement and water supply planning.
  • Crater PDC:
    Assistance in the establishment of the Friends of the Lower Appomattox and in obtaining funding for riparian tree planting.
  • Northern Virginia Regional Commission:
    Key player in the development of the successfully implemented Potomac Tributary Strategy.
  • Middle Peninsula PDC:
    Assistance in the establishment of the region's Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority.
  • Hampton Roads PDC:
    Coordination of programs for water conservation, water supply protection, drinking water quality, storm water management.
  • Richmond Regional PDC:
    Establishment of a Storm Water Management Task Force to enhance public participation in NPDES permitting.
  • Accomack-Northampton PDC:
    Staffing of the Eastern Shore Public Service Authority.
  • The Hampton Roads PDC:
    Coordination of the Hampton Roads Regional Water Program, a comprehensive regional water planning effort.
  • Northern Virginia Regional Commission:
    Played a key role in a number of Chesapeake Bay Program initiatives, including the Metropolitan Area Workgroup, Watershed Commitments Task Force and Local Government Participation Action Plan.
  • Coastal PDCs Geographic Information System capabilities were developed initially through the Coastal Program.

Coastal resource management efforts and projects in the PDCs are highlighted in the Virginia Coastal Zone Management magazine in a regular feature titled 'News Around the Zone'.  The Summer/Fall 2003 issue included an article on the coastal PDCs - go to this article (PDF)

Coastal Planning District Commission Technical Assistance Accomplishments Report 2003 (PDF).

Staff from Virginia


Photo left:
Virginia's eight planning district, or regional, commissions meet together on a quarterly basis to share their coastal zone management experiences and information.  The group alternates its meeting location so that the host PDC can also provide a field excursion to project sites.  In the photo above the group met on Virginia's Eastern Shore in the Accomack-Northampton PDC area.



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Coastal Planning District Commission Contacts

Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission (ANPDC)
Shannon Alexander
Coastal Resources Program Manager
(757) 787-2936 x 115

Crater Planning District Commission (Crater PDC)
Jay Ruffa
Director of Planning
(804) 861-1666

George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC)
Tim Ware
Executive Director
(540) 373-2890

Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC)
Ben McFarlane
Physical and Environmental Planner
(757) 420-8300

Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (MPPDC)
Lewie Lawrence
Executive Director
(804) 758-2311

Northern Neck Planning District Commission (NNPDC)
John Bateman
Regional Planner
(804) 333-1900 

Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC)
Corey Miles
Senior Environmental Planner/Coastal Program
(703) 642-4625

Richmond Regional Planning District Commission (RRPDC)
Sarah Stewart
Senior Planner
(804) 323-2033


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