Virginia CZM Program Accomplishments

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In addition to the Virginia Coastal Zone Management magazine, the following publications highlight Virginia CZM Program accomplishments:


Semi-Annual Success Stories Submitted to NOAA ("Section C" Reports) -

Stories about how the Virginia CZM Program ...

Virginia CZM Focal Area Summaries-Accomplishments -

NOAA Evaluations of Virginia CZM Program -

(Routine evaluation of Virginia CZM Program by NOAA - report highlights program successes and areas needing improvement)

Annual CZMA Funding Summary-Accomplishments Fact Sheets-

Planning District Commission Accomplishments Report -


The Otter Award for environmental education in VAVirginia CZM Recognized for Support of Environmental Education

The Virginia CZM Program was awarded the 2012 “Otter” award by the Virginia Resource Use Education Council in recognition of it's 23 years of support for environmental education in Virginia.  Through NOAA, Virginia CZM has invested over $2M in federal and state coastal management funding to support environmental education every year since 1989. The VCZMP's support has made possible professional development for teachers, an annual environmental education conference, pass-through grants to schools, and many other projects to promote coastal environmental literacy and Chesapeake Bay stewardship. Because of the Virginia CZM's strong and sustained support, environmental science concepts are now integrated throughout Virginia's K-12 science education standards.




Virginia CZM Program 
Accomplishments Fact Sheets:

For more information about these Virginia CZM Program coordinated and funded projects and initiatives, please contact Laura McKay, VA CZM Program Manager at
(804) 698-4323
or Virginia Witmer, Virginia CZM Program Outreach Coordinator at; (804) 698-4320.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Coastal Zone Management Act!

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  • NOAA OCRM 2011-2012 Accomplishments Report (PDF)
    Virginia CZM Program's oyster restoration efforts are highlighted on page 6, and the program's participatory mapping workshop to collect information on recreational ocean uses off Virginia’s Atlantic as part of it's ocean planning initiative is highlighted on page 10!!  Great work partners!

Virginia Celebratory Event Held in June 2012 

On Monday, June 11, 2012, the Virginia CZM Program and the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve hosted an event in celebration of the CZMA 40th anniversary, focusing on how funding through this federal act has made it possible for the Virginia CZM Program partnership and the CBNERR program to make significant contributions toward improving coastal water quality in Virginia.  This event was co-organized by the Coastal States Organization and the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association.  Read more about the event: CZMA 40th Anniversary Celebration in Virginia - Event Overview

In addition to Virginia CZM Program Accomplishment Fact Sheets, the following CBNERR Accomplishment Fact Sheets were also shared at the event:

For more information about these CBNERR programs and initiatives, please contact Willy Reay, CBNERR Manager at or (804) 684-7119.


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