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Read the Following Disclaimer Before You Launch Coastal GEMS

Coastal GEMS Disclaimers:

To use Coastal GEMS, you must first read and agree to conditions outlined in this disclaimer.  Individuals who use these data agree to the following as well as restrictions and disclaimers associated with each dataset included in Coastal GEMS.

  • The data included in Coastal GEMS are not to be used for regulatory and permitting processes, or any other legal action.

Information contained in Coastal GEMS does not constitute an official opinion by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (Virginia CZM Program) or other data contributors, nor will it, by itself, meet any regulatory requirements.  These data are not to be used for regulatory and permitting processes.  They are intended to inform environmental planning and the environmental review process.  The data layer and feature boundaries are not to be used for a legal definition of these areas.  Information drawn from Coastal GEMS must be used in consultation with appropriate federal, state, and local resource management officials. 

  • The data included in Coastal GEMS is not guaranteed to be accurate and complete at any given time.  All locations are approximate.

This interactive mapping tool that provides flexibility and freedom in mapping, and conclusions drawn from the datasets compiled by the user are the sole responsibility of the user.  The Virginia CZM Program and data contributors are not responsible for misuse of these data. 

Coastal GEMS is constantly being updated and expanded.  To the extent possible, the most recent data sources have been included.  In the absence of recent data, historic information is presented if the data are still considered relevant and valuable despite their age.  To find when the data layer was last updated, see the Status in the data layer fact sheet or contact the Virginia CZM Program.  Every attempt has been made by data contributors to ensure that these data and the documentation are reliable and accurate.  Noticeable errors in the accuracy of the data should be reported to the data contributor and the Virginia CZM Program.

The Virginia CZM Program and data contributors provide data within the Coastal GEMS application with the understanding that the data is not guaranteed to be accurate and complete.  Neither the Virginia CZM Program nor data contributors assume liability for any damages caused by inaccuracies in the data or documentation, or as a result of failure of the data to perform in a particular manner.  The Virginia CZM Program, through Coastal GEMS, does not allow users to directly download data.  Links to a data contributor's website will be provided in the data layer fact sheets if the data is available directly for download.  If these links are not provided, contact the data contributor for permission to obtain a dataset.  Please do not contact the Virginia CZM Program for distribution of data layers which are owned by other contributors.  The Virginia CZM Program does not guarantee that permission to obtain a data layer will be granted by the data contributor. 

All locations are approximate at any given time.  In addition, these data are not provided for navigational purposes.  Users should also be aware that certain datasets are specific to a particular geographic area and do not span the entire coastal zone.  Conversely, many datasets extend beyond the western boundary of the coastal zone, as well as, any information associated with these datasets (e.g., acreage of a wetland or mileage of a stream segment).  Refer to the Virginia CZM website for a definition of the jurisdictional coastal zone boundary. Metadata records for each data layer, which typically include the geographic extent of the data, are not directly available through Coastal GEMS.  Full metadata can be obtained by contacting the data contributor. 

Users should recognize that any products generated (e.g., maps and tables) are limited by available GIS data.  Inclusion of these data in publications, or integration of these data into other products requires proper citation.

Citation for Coastal GEMS and it's derived products:

Coastal Geospatial and Education Mapping System, 2007.  Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Richmond, VA 23219.

  • The Virginia CZM Program is not responsible for the content of any website linked to from Coastal GEMS.

For the users' convenience, the Virginia CZM Program provides links to many websites not controlled, maintained or regulated by the Program or any organization affiliated with the Program, and as such, the Virginia CZM Program is not responsible for the content of those websites. Use of information from those websites is voluntary, and reliance on that information should be undertaken only after an independent review of its accuracy.  Reference at those websites to any specific commercial product, process or service by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation or favor by the Virginia CZM Program.

Supported web browsers for Coastal Gems are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. 
Please disable all pop-up blockers before launching Coastal GEMS in order for the application to load properly.

I accept the Disclaimers above.  Launch Virginia Coastal GEMS!

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