Virginia Seaside Water Trail - Wachapreague Town Marina Launch Site

Wachapreague Town Dock

Wachapreague Town Marina

Town of Wachapreague, Accomack County

A new floating dock greets you at East Side Landing.  The floating dock was provided through the Virginia Seaside Heritage Program and funding from the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program.  Additional access to the water is available through a large boat ramp and several docks. Ample parking available along the street.

Launch site owner:

Town of Wachapreague, Accomack County - 757.787.1930

Directions to launch site:

  • East on Route 180. 4.2 Miles
  • Left on Atlantic Avenue. 0.2 Miles
  • Ramp and docks are on left.

GPS Coordinates:

+37.6070 / -75.6869

Advanced Paddler Route:

paddle image

Wachapreague Town Marina to Folly Creek Landing

Route Description:

Only Advanced paddlers should attempt this route, due to strong tidal currents and heavy charter boat and commercial fishing activity. Intermediate paddlers can head north up Wachapreague Channel and into Nickawampus Creek. Beginners should avoid Wachapreague. About 9 miles.

Launch at the Wachapreague Town Marina boat ramp and quickly cross the creek at a right angle to avoid powerboat traffic. This is a very popular marina and the tidal current moves swiftly through the main channel. Take a Left (North) as you reach the far side of the creek and follow along the marsh until you are clear of the highly trafficked marina area. Once you have passed this high activity area be sure to explore the marshes that line the creek and keep an eye out for wildlife. Once you pass the last docks on the waterfront cross the creek again and paddle along its Western edge. The creek will fork with one branch heading up into Finney Creek and the other heading out toward Cedar Island. You want to take this second branch, which leads off to your Right. If you look out toward the East you can see marker #117. Paddle toward marker #17 and turn North (Left) toward marker #116. Continue to follow the main channel Northward as you cross Cedar Island Bay and then enter Longboat Creek from the South at marker #98. Turn left at marker #92 into a smaller side creek. That creek will run straight into Folly Creek. Turn left where the two creeks meet and look for marker #89. At marker #89 you will continue West up Folly Creek. If you paddle past marker #87 you have gone too far north. Stay to the main channel in Folly Creek and look for the boat ramp on your left after you pass Henry Point.

Wachapreague Harbor - advanced route - Wachapreague to Folly Creek

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