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Air Check Virginia Facility Requirements

Emissions Inspection Station Required Equipment

Emissions Inspection Station Poster
  • Certified analyzer in accordance with 9 VAC 5, Chapter 91, Part X
    See the Forms for Air Check Personnel page for contact information for Opus Inspection.
  • Span gases approved by the department and equipment for performing span gas checks
  • Hand tools and equipment to perform proper inspections
  • Suitable non-reactive exhaust hoses
  • Current emissions control application guide (may be in electronic form separate from the analyzer system)
  • Analyzer manufacturer's maintenance and calibration manual
  • Certified thermometer as defined in 9 VAC 5-91-20
  • A ventilation system in accordance with 9 VAC 5-91-320.D.7.
  • Cooling fan system in accordance with 9 VAC 5-91-320.D.8.
  • Emissions inspection regulations (supplied by DEQ)
  • Telephone
  • Department-approved paper for use in the analyzer system printer

An application is required for an emissions inspection permit.
You can access these PDFs on-line by clicking here.

Certified Repair Facility (CRF) Fact Sheet

Certified Repair Facility Poster

Certified Emissions Repair Facilities (CRF) are an essential element in the reduction of vehicle emissions in Northern Virginia.  In order for the expense of service and repairs to be applied towards an emissions inspection waiver, they must have been performed at a Virginia Certified Emissions Repair Facility and also have been done by (or supervised/approved by) a Virginia Certified Emissions Repair Technician (CRT) employed at that facility.  This ensures that emissions related repairs are performed by persons with the proper training and expertise, at facilities that are equipped with the necessary up-to-date equipment and reference materials, to properly perform diagnostic and repair functions. (Repairs may be performed by anyone and are not restricted in any way as long as such repairs result in an emissions inspection "pass." However, any such repairs will not count towards an emissions inspection waiver if the vehicle continues to fail the inspection.)

Qualifications for Certification:

    1. Any facility that desires to be a Virginia CRF must submit an application for certification, and must meet all of the requirements regarding personnel, equipment, tools and reference materials (see below).  Any repair facility located in Virginia meeting the general requirements of 9 VAC 5 Chapter 91, Part VII may be certified.  Facilities need not be a safety or an emissions inspection station in order to be certified to perform emissions related repairs that will qualify towards an emissions inspection waiver.
    2. The CRF certification is valid for up to three (3) years from the month of approval.  There are no fees for application or certification.
    3. The CRF must maintain all qualifications, including employment of at least one CRT on duty during posted emissions repair facility hours.  All CRFs and CRTs are subject to repair effectiveness monitoring by the department, and may be required to update or refresh their training based on such results.

Diagnosis & Repair Requirements (Minimum):

    1. "General" Repair Facilities (facilities servicing all makes of vehicles): Tools, equipment and current reference materials for all makes of vehicles subject to the vehicle emissions inspection program.
    2. Facilities that limit service to specific makes of vehicles (some dealers or specialty shops): Tools, equipment and current reference materials for all makes of vehicles that are serviced by that facility and that are subject to the vehicle emissions inspection program.  Facilities that restrict their repairs in this way must itemize the repair restrictions the facility's application for certification.  Special Note:  repairs to vehicles for which a facility is not certified cannot qualify towards an emissions inspection waiver.  It is important for CRFs to fully inform their customers of any such restrictions on their certification.

Tools and Equipment Required for All CRFs:

    1. Ammeter, DC
    2. Ohmmeter
    3. Voltmeter, AC/DC
    4. Tachometer
    5. Fuel Pressure Gauge capable of fuel injection diagnosis
    6. Compression Test Gauge and cylinder leak-down tester
    7. Vacuum Pump with Gauge for applying simulated manifold vacuum to emissions control devices
    8. Scan Tools, and sufficient equipment to allow the extraction of computer fault codes from any vehicle being repaired that is equipped with an O2 sensor and a Malfunction Indicator Light or is OBD II equipped
    9. Reference material (emissions control systems application guides and emissions related repair guides) to aid in the diagnosis and repair of failed vehicles and to assist in the interpretation of fault codes (Material may be in manual or electronic form.)

Recommended Optional Equipment for CRFs:

    1. Emissions Analyzer System: A 4- or 5-Gas Emissions Analyzer capable of measuring HC, CO, CO2 , O2 and, for the 5-Gas, NO, properly maintained and calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. (Permitted emissions inspection stations are already equipped with a certified emissions analyzer system that may be used for diagnosis & repair work.)
    2. Oscilloscope or other automotive analyzer capable of displaying ignition patterns, cylinder power contributions, emission control component generated waveforms, and injection patterns
    3. Ignition Timing Light with adjustable advance capability

Additional Information
Facilities may obtain an application from the Department of Environmental Quality, or from a DEQ compliance officer. Application forms may also be downloaded here in PDF format. Mail completed applications to: Department of Environmental Quality, Mobile Source Operations Section, 13901 Crown Court, Woodbridge, VA 22193-1453.

A DEQ compliance officer will visit the facility to perform an audit for required equipment, reference material and personnel. Certification will be issued when all requirements have been met. For assistance or additional information, please contact the Mobile Source Operations Section at (703) 583-3900 or toll-free in Virginia at 1-800-275-3844.

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