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Title V Permit Sources

The number of facilities subject to Title V across the Commonwealth fluctuates. New Title V facilities are permitted, constructed and operational on a regular basis. The status of previously permitted Title V facilities also changes.

Some previously permitted Title V facilities have been able to become synthetic minor facilities by reducing emissions below major source thresholds and obtaining State Operating Permits that limit their potential to emit. Some facilities have merged, consolidated operations, or been acquired by adjacent facilities. Other Title V facilities have shut down. Some facilities that had previously been considered synthetic minor facilities have become subject to Title V because of increased production and/or the expansion of non-attainment areas. A non-attainment area designation of 'severe' or 'serious' has a lower major stationary source threshold for Title V applicability. Title V air permit sources are categorized according to the DEQ regional office handling the permit application and processing the permit. 

Title V Active Applications and Issued Title V Permits

BRRO - Blue Ridge Office Paul Jenkins 434-562-6822
NRO - Northern Virginia Office Justin Wilkinson 703-583-3820
PRO - Piedmont Office James Kyle  804-527-5047
SWRO - Southwest Office Rob Feagins  276-676-4835
TRO - Tidewater Office Laura Corl 757-518-2178
VRO - Valley Office Janardan Pandey  540-574-7817

  • Issued Title V Permits & Statements of Basis  NOTE: Because the files on this page are not in an accessible format for people with disabilities as required under Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act, the content is not being updated at this time. Copies of current Title V permits and Statements of Basis can be obtained by contacting the Air Permit Manager in the region where the facility is located.

Application Form 805

Form 805 is to be used exclusively by sources applying for new Title V federal operating permits as well as changes to existing Title V permits under the Title V permit rules, which appear in the Regulations for the Control and Abatement of Air Pollution at 9 VAC 5-80-50 et seq.


A Title V source may wish to make changes to its facility in connection with its Title V application. Changes warranting new permit requirements are subject to new source review and cannot be reflected in the Title V permit until permitted under new source review. Therefore, a source wanting to make changes as it applies for a Title V permit (using Form 805) should also apply for a new source review permit (using Form 7) to allow the changes. While the facility may apply for both permits at once, DEQ will process the new source review permit first. If a facility wishes to file new source review and Title V applications sequentially, it should inform DEQ of its plans. If certain public participation and state/federal review requirements are met in the new source review process, a new source review permit can be absorbed into a pre-existing Title V permit as an administrative amendment under 9 VAC 5-80-200; otherwise, revising the Title V permit to include the changes to the facility will require either a minor permit modification under 9 VAC 5-80-210 or a significant permit modification under 9 VAC 5-80-230.

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