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Office of Air Compliance Staff Contacts





Todd Alonzo Manager (804) 698-4280
  • Air Compliance Program Coordination and Assessment
  • Budget and Grant Management
  • Federal Liaison
  • Policy, Procedure, Guidance
Megan Joyce Enforcement and Data Quality Coordinator (804) 698-4247
  • Air Compliance Program Data Assessment and QA/QC
  • Air Compliance and Enforcement Coordination
  • Database Analysis and Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Technical Assistance and Compliance Assistance
    • EPA Method 9 Certification (Smoke School)
    • Fumigation
    • Idling
    • MACT Subpart 4Z (Rice MACT)
    • NSPS Subparts:  AAA; 4I; 4J; 4Q; 4R
    • Open Burning
Amy Kasper Resource and Procedural Coordinator (804) 698-4053
  • Air Compliance Program Resource Assessment
  • EPA Stationary Source Audit Sample Program (SSASP)
  • Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Prog. (VELAP)
  • Virginia Tax Exemption Certifications
  • Technical Assistance and Compliance Assistance
    • Consumer & Commercial Products Rule
    • NSPS Subpart OOO
    • Stage I & Stage II (including decommissioning)
    • Tanker Tightness Test Certifications
Sherry Tostenson Regulatory and Technical Coordinator (804) 698-4050
  • Air Program Training and Professional Development
  • Air Program Regulatory Coordination (MACT & NSPS)
  • Stack Testing Expert Panel Coordination
  • Technical Assistance and Compliance Assistance
    • Landfill Rules for Air:  MACT 4A; NSPS Cf; WWW; XXX
    • MACT Subparts:  5D (Boiler MACT); 5U (MATS Rule)
    • NSPS Subparts:  Da; Db; Dc
Debbie White Air Division Business Analyst (804) 698-4408
  • EPA Data Steward
  • IT Business Analyst
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