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Laws, Regulations & Guidance


Virginia's environmental laws are available on the General Assembly's Legislative Information System website:


The Virginia Air Pollution Control Board promulgates Virginia's air regulations. These cover stationary sources, such as industrial facilities and other fixed-emission sources; mobile sources, such as vehicle emissions; and regulations to ensure that certain projects conform with federal requirements.

The official published text of agency regulations is provided by the Division of Legislative Services through links to the Legislative Information System (LIS). Links to PDF documents have been provided for your convenience to more easily find material in some of the larger chapters. Should there be a conflict between the two, please contact Karen Sabasteanski.

Chapter/LIS Link DEQ PDFs
Chapter 5 Public Participation Guidelines  
Chapter 10 General Definitions Chapter 10
Chapter 20 General Provisions Chapter 20
Chapter 30 Ambient Air Quality Standards Chapter 30
Chapter 40 Existing Stationary Sources Chapter 40
Chapter 45 Consumer and Commercial Products Chapter 45
Chapter 50 New and Modified Stationary Sources Chapter 50
Chapter 60 Hazardous Air Pollutant Sources Chapter 60
Chapter 70 Air Pollution Episode Prevention Chapter 70
Chapter 80 Permits for Stationary Sources Chapter 80
Chapter 85 Permits For Stationary Sources of Pollutants Subject To Regulation (Greenhouse Gas Tailoring) Chapter 85
Chapter 90 Regulation for the Control of Motor Vehicle Emissions (repealed)  
Chapter 91 Motor Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Program for Northern Virginia Chapter 91
Chapter 100 Regulation for Vehicle Emissions Control Program Analyzer Systems (repealed)  
Chapter 110 Regulation for the Enhanced Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program in the Northern Virginia Area (repealed)  
Chapter 120 Regulation for the Control of Emissions from Fleet Vehicles (repealed)  
Chapter 121 Regulation for the Control of Emissions from Fleet Vehicles (repealed)  
Chapter 130 Open Burning Chapter 130
Chapter 140 Emissions Trading Chapter 140
Chapter 150 Transportation Conformity (repealed)  
Chapter 151 Transportation Conformity Chapter 151
Chapter 160 General Conformity Chapter 160
Chapter 170 General Administration Chapter 170
Chapter 180 (reserved)  
Chapter 190 Variance for Merck Stonewall Plant  
Chapter 200 National Low Emission Vehicle Program (repealed)  
Chapter 210 Regulation for Dispute Resolution  
Chapter 220 Variance for Rocket Motor Test Operations at ARC Orange County Facility  
Chapter 221 Variance for Rocket Motor Test Operations at ARC Gainesville Facility (repealed)  
Chapter 230 Variance for International Paper Franklin Paper Mill  
Chapter 240 Variance for Opening Burning (repealed)  
Chapters 250 through 490 (reserved)  
Chapter 500 Exclusionary General Permit for Title V Permit (repealed)  
Chapter 510 Nonmetallic Mineral General Permit Chapter 510
Chapter 520 Biomass Energy Generator General Permit Chapter 520
Chapter 530 Electric Generator Voluntary Demand Response General Permit Chapter 530
Chapter 540 Emergency Generator General Permit Chapter 540


Guidance documents are available on the Virginia Town Hall website.

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