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Section 111(d)/129 Designated Pollutant Plans

§ 111(d) (Designated Pollutant) Plans

Like the SIP, a § 111(d)/129 plan (also known as a designated pollutant plan) is an overall plan for controlling certain types of pollution, and consists of regulations, legal authority, and other administrative components. Unlike the § 110 SIP for controlling criteria pollutants, it is prepared in fulfillment of requirements of § 111(d) and § 129 of the Clean Air Act which cover pollutants from specific facility types.

The plans consist of a state regulation that implements the federal regulation, a source inventory, and administrative materials demonstrating the state's ability to implement the program. EPA delegates the authority to submit plans to each state's governor; in Virginia, the Governor has delegated this submittal authority to the DEQ Director. As with § 110 plans that are federally approved by EPA under 40 CFR Part 52, § 111(d)/129 plans are federally approved under 40 CFR Part 62.  Part 62 also contains the federal plans that are imposed on states that do not submit acceptable plans. Virginia's approved Part 62 plans are found under Subpart VV.

Although the state regulations are the legally enforceable means by which the state implements the federal requirements, EPA retains the authority to implement certain provisions. A summary of such discretionary authority to implement the regulations (such as approval of alternate or equivalent methods) exists between EPA and the department.

If you would like a complete version of an entire plan, or any portion of a plan in addition to the materials provided below, please contact Karen Sabasteanski.

Current § 111(d)/129 regulations and plans:

General provisions

This submittal consists of a demonstration of the department's legal ability to implement the plans, including (i) the Air Pollution Control Law of Virginia, and (ii) general provisions of the Regulations of the State Air Pollution Control Board that have general applicability to source category § 111(d)/129 plans.

Municipal solid waste landfills

Large municipal waste combustors

 Hospital/medical/infectious waste incinerators

Commercial/industrial solid waste incinerators

Small municipal waste combustors

Kraft pulp mills

Sulfuric acid production units

Sewage Sludge Incinerators

Questions? Contact Karen Sabasteanski.

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