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Section 110 State Implementation Plan

Primary governing laws

The Air Pollution Control Law of Virginia is the part of the Code of Virginia that provides DEQ with the legal authority to carry out state air quality programs that the State Air Pollution Control Board determines are critical to the protection of public health and welfare. It also provides the authority to carry out federally-mandated air quality programs.

Virginia's Air Pollution Control Law is very broad. Along with the Administrative Process Act, it addresses general development and processing of regulations. It generally provides minimal guidance on the content of the regulations or other substantive aspects of programs.

Together with state law, the federal Clean Air Act and its implementing regulations provide the authority for the department to develop air quality programs mandated at the federal level. They usually specify, in great detail, the requirements for an air quality program. State air quality programs developed under the authority of the federal Clean Air Act must be approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Virginia's State Implementation Plan

The Clean Air Act requires that each state submit a state implementation plan or SIP to show how air pollution will be reduced to levels at or below the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The plan must demonstrate how the state will maintain air pollution at the reduced levels. If a state does not submit an acceptable plan or does not develop a plan at all, EPA can develop and implement a plan, and can impose sanctions.

Virginia's original SIP was submitted to EPA in 1972. The SIP is a living document--hundreds of revisions have been made to the plan since its original submittal. The plan consists mostly of regulations, as well as permits, emissions inventories, attainment demonstrations, and other related documentation. 40 CFR Part 51 and Appendix V to Part 51 provide specific detail on what states are to include in their SIPs, and how they are to be submitted.

When Virginia submits a plan revision to EPA, it is adopted by EPA under subpart VV of 40 CFR Part 52. This makes the SIP federally enforceable.

Learn more about Virginia's SIP

Where can I get a copy of the SIP?

The SIP consists of hundreds of documents. If you need to review a portion of the SIP, your request must be as specific as possible, including Federal Register citations and dates.

How do I find out the approval status of parts of the SIP?

Check Subpart VV of 40 CFR Part 52. EPA Region III maintains a web site of current SIP-approved regulations; however, Virginia does not provide any quality control oversight and is not responsible for any errors. If you need more detailed or current information, contact a member of our staff.

Why can't I find a specific regulation or plan?

Not all of Virginia's air quality activities go into the SIP. Visit the designated pollutant plan page and the delegated program page for more information.

What SIP requirements apply to a specific locality?

Different parts of the state have different clean air requirements. Many elements of the SIP are developed in conjunction with local governments and planning organizations to meet local air quality needs. A summary of these organizations and their activities is provided on the regional planning page.

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