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Q. Where can I get the most current version of Virginia's air regulations?

A. See sources listed below:

A printed version is available from Thomson Reuters.

Q. How do I keep up with the different stages of regulations and plans?

A. Read the Federal Register daily. Read the Virginia Register every other Monday. Sign up for Town Hall notification. Check DEQ Air Division Notices. Contact staff.

We are happy to mail notices of proposed air regulations and related hearings. If you would like us to add your name to our mailing list, please contact Karen Sabasteanski at 804-698-4426.

Q. Where can I get a copy of the SIP?

A. The SIP consists of hundreds of documents. If you need to review a portion of the SIP, your request must be as specific as possible. Specific dates and Federal Register citations can help us find your material faster. Contact Karen Sabasteanski if you need more assistance. Remember, EPA publishes Virginia's SIP approvals in 40 CFR Part 52, Subpart VV.

Q. What if I have a technical question about a specific regulation?

A. Contact the air permitting manager of the DEQ regional office nearest you. EPA's Technical Air Pollution Resources contains detailed technical, legal, and administrative information that forms the basis on which many of our regulations are created.

Q. What if I have a specific question about my permit?

A. You can contact Tamera Thompson in the Office of Air Permit Programs, or you can contact an air permit manager in your local DEQ regional office for more source-specific permit queries.

Q. What if I need an interpretation of a particular regulatory requirement?

A. Check the staff contact list. If no individual is specified, then ask any of us. Regulatory actions published in the Virginia Register and the Regulatory Town Hall also provide staff contacts.

Q. Where can I get a copy of State Air Pollution Control Board meeting agendas and associated documents?

A. Contact the board liaison, Cindy Berndt. Meeting agendas and minutes are also posted on Town Hall.

Q. Who can help me with indoor air problems-mold and mildew/smoking/asbestos?

A. The State Air Pollution Control Board is limited by Statute to addressing outdoor air. Information regarding indoor air problems can be found on this website.

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