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Stormwater Management (SWM) Training

Course Enrollment System - ELMS 


Course Schedule

Courses are being delivered via webinar and will be available for registration in ELMS every two months. 

Check availability and register in ELMS.

  • Jul. 21 and 23: SWM Inspector
  • Sep. 1 and 3: SWM Inspector
  • Sep. 24: SWM Program Administrator
  • Sep. 29 through Oct.1: SWM Plan Reviewer
  • Oct. 13 and 15: SWM Inspector
  • Oct. 27 through 29: SWM Plan Reviewer
  • Nov. 5: SWM Program Administrator
  • Dec. 1 through 3: SWM Plan Reviewer
  • Dec. 8 and 10: SWM Inspector

Program Administrator for SWM

This 1-day course is for individuals overseeing the implementation of a VSMP for a VSMP authority or entity with standards and specifications. (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)


  • Virginia stormwater management law and regulations
  • Requirements for administering a VSMP
  • Basic stormwater principles

Cost = $80. A copy of the participant guide will be provided in class.

Inspector for SWM

This 2-day course is for individuals conducting regulatory inspections for a VSMP authority or entity with standards and specifications. If you are only responsible for conducting SWPPP inspections for the operator/permit holder, please visit the SWPPP Inspection Training page(8:30 am - 4:30 pm)  


  • Virginia stormwater management law and regulations
  • Basic stormwater principles
  • Construction general permit requirements
  • Stormwater best management practices (BMPs)

Cost = $160. A copy of the participant guide will be provided in class.

Plan Reviewer for SWM

This 3-day course is for individuals reviewing SWM plans submitted for approval to a VSMP authority or entity with standards and specifications. (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)


  • Virginia stormwater management law and regulations
  • Overview of stormwater plan design hydrologic/hydraulic concepts
  • Environmental site design
  • Energy balance method
  • Virginia Runoff Reduction Method and spreadsheet
  • 15-non proprietary stormwater BMPs
  • Stormwater plan evaluation strategies
  • Plan review tools and tips

Participants should already have a basic understanding of stormwater runoff hydrologic/hydraulic principles used in stormwater plan design, as well as concepts covered in the Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Plan Review course (such as: ESC requirements, ESC Law & Regulations, ESC plan review, sediment trap/sediment basin/outlet protection/ditch/channel computations, time of concentration, Rational Method, Graphic Peak Design Method (TR55)). These topics provide the foundation that will allow participants to fully engage in this course, relate plan review strategies and tools to plan design, and build on existing skills.

NOTE: To participate in class exercises you must bring a laptop equipped with Microsoft Excel (2007 or newer).

Cost = $260. A copy of the participant guide will be provided in class.

Refunds and Substitutions

Course Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be made a minimum of 2 business days prior to course start date and within 45 days from the date of purchase. Refund requests must be emailed to: with proof of purchase.        

Course Substitution Policy

Course enrollment changes must be made prior to the first day of course. You are welcome to:

  1. Substitute another individual for the enrollment, or
  2. Request enrollment in another course of same cost (subject to availability)

Enrollment changes should be emailed to:

See DEQ's Course Refund Policy for more information.                                 

Equivalent Certifications

There is no reciprocity for certificates issued by a private entity or another State.  Only training programs administered by the Department and subsequent certification issued by the Board (in accordance with 9VAC25-850-40) meet the regulatory requirements.

Provisional Certification

Provisional certification is a mechanism that allows individuals to conduct work while they are taking classes and taking their exam.  It is not intended as a substitute for obtaining certification.

Individuals seeking SWM or ESC certification will be considered provisionally certified as a program administrator, an inspector, and/or a plan reviewer for one year from the date they complete the required training course(s).

Individuals can be provisionally certified once per certification type.

For details see: Guidance Memo: 18-2005

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