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Certification Accreditation Tracking System (CATS)

If you are experiencing difficulties renewing a certification during this period, please email

Recertification is tracked through DEQ's Certification Accreditation Tracking System (CATS), an online self-service system used to re-certify Stormwater or Erosion certifications and to combine two of the same types of certifications into a dual certification (e.g. SWM Inspector & ESC Inspector into a Dual Inspector). Click here to access CATS.

Contact Hours

Determining Relevance


Course contact hours are relevant for re-certification if they: maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the certification being renewed. Contact hours can be provided by DEQ or by a third party and may be obtained by attending seminars, webinars, online courses, classroom courses, or university courses. 

Examples of course content that DEQ has rejected for not being relevant:

  • Inspectors taking Financing and Asset Management courses from MOST
  • Asphalt/paving/bridges
  • Hazwoper & other OSHA related courses
  • Stormwater discharges from oil/gas exploration sites
  • Stormwater/discharge from industrial sites
  • Installation and maintenance of stormwater piping (i.e. conveyance systems)
  • Hurricane damage and mitigation
  • Shoreline erosion/restoration
  • HVAC and/or building codes
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Personal health and safety courses
  • Building inspections, including earthquake safety courses
  • Courses related to personal development such as emotional intelligence or facilitation 

For more information, see:

Online Contact Hours


DEQ does not endorse nor recommend any specific online resources. However, a simple internet search of terms such as: “erosion online training”, “Virginia erosion webinars”, “stormwater webcasts”, "conservation webinars," or other such terms should generate training options. The determination on whether these online training events maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the certification being renewed is a decision for each certificate holder and subject to audit by DEQ.


Recertification Steps

In order to re-certify, individuals must login to CATS and enter details of relevant training courses taken prior to certification expiration. Click here to access CATS.

The required number of contact hours for each certification type is as follows:

  • Program Administrator = 12
  • Inspector = 18
  • Plan Reviewer = 21
  • Combined Administrator = 24

Re-certification Fees

  • Program Administrator = $78
  • Inspector = $78
  • Plan Reviewer = $94
  • Combined Administrator = $105
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