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Webinar to Share Perspectives on Environmental Justice to be Held June 17

June 1, 2020

Contact: Greg Bilyeu

en español

Webinar will be available in English and Spanish (también disponible en Español)

RICHMOND, VA – Skeo Solutions along with Metropolitan Group will be holding a webinar to share themes gathered during interviews as part of the environmental justice (EJ) study for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 17, from 6 to 8 p.m. in both English and Spanish, and will be followed with a survey to gather additional community perspectives.

Click here to register for the webinar in English:

Click here to register for the webinar in Spanish:

During the two-hour webinar, participants will have opportunities to comment and ask questions via the webinar chat. The webinar will also be recorded and posted to the DEQ website along with the survey link and the slide presentation for anyone wishing to provide additional feedback on how DEQ can effectively support and advance environmental justice through their programs. The webinar recording, presentation slides, as well as a link to the feedback survey, will be available after the webinar on DEQ’s website at All will be provided in English and Spanish.

“The webinar is an instrumental feedback loop for our work, especially while social distancing, as we continue to identify the challenges and opportunities for DEQ to advance Environmental Justice effectively from a broad range of perspectives,” said Skeo project manager Sarah Malpass. “We are excited to share what we have learned through the interviews and look forward to gathering additional insights from webinar participants through the post-webinar survey.”

Informed by best practices of other state and federal regulatory agencies, the Skeo team has conducted more than 70 interviews with a wide cross-section of stakeholders across Virginia, including representatives from EJ communities and organizations, environmental organizations, regulated agriculture and industry, local government, state environmental boards and DEQ staff. The interviews focused on understanding different experiences with EJ and DEQ’s programs, as well as perspectives on potential challenges and opportunities to advance EJ within DEQ programs.

“The Skeo team has done a wonderful job facilitating individual conversations with people across the commonwealth, including those from affected communities, regulated entities and DEQ staff,” said DEQ Director David Paylor. “We look forward to this webinar which will shed light on the process thus far and share feedback and relevant themes. All of this work will help us reach our ultimate goal of encouraging community engagement, improving transparency and promoting inclusivity.”

“We believe this is the beginning of a significant effort for DEQ to develop a path forward for the agency in addressing environmental justice considerations in Virginia,” said Vernice Miller-Travis, Executive Vice President at Metropolitan Group and Senior Environmental Justice Advisor for this project.

Following the webinar and community survey, Skeo and Metropolitan Group will identify options and recommendations for DEQ to consider on how to advance EJ in DEQ programs. Feedback from interviewees, webinar attendees and survey participants will be incorporated into the consultant team’s final report to DEQ, which will identify viable options and make recommendations for a strategic approach to environmental justice in DEQ programs. The final report to DEQ is expected to be completed this year.

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