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Resources & Links

Keeping Up to Date with Virginia’s Environment

Take a look at what DEQ offers, as well as other services provided by our collaborators and government partners, to help you get the information you need and find out what is right for you .

  1. Since 2000, DEQ’s Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP) has encouraged facilities and organizations to achieve environmental excellence by going above and beyond their legal requirements. Sign up for the VEEP Newsletter to receive regular updates on VEEP’s many program partners. 
  2. The DEQ Public Calendar offers information on board meetings, hearings and other public events. 
  3. Subscribe to DEQ News Releases to stay up to date on agency activities. 

**You can also sign up for Email alerts from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Virginia's Water Quality Resources

  1. Virginia Tech’s Virginia Water Resources Research Center publishes regular editions of the Virginia Water Central Newsletter with status reports, public notices, and features on Virginia’s most pressing water quality issues. To be added to the email list , email Alan Raflo with the subject line: “Subscribe to Virginia Water Central.” 
  2. The Chesapeake Network offers an extensive selection of environmental topics to choose from.  By selecting your desired topics, you can be added to specific email lists to keep you up to date on the environmental issues that are most important to you. 
  3. For teachers, the Bay Backpack website and newsletter offer educators ideas on how to incorporate the Chesapeake Bay and other environmental subjects into curricula. 
  4. For those interested in joining or launching community water quality projects, the Middle James River Watershed Roundtable offers a free E-Newsletter with information on community-based watershed projects on the local and regional levels.

Air Quality Updates and Alerts

  1. DEQ offers daily air quality forecasts for the Richmond, Hampton Roads, Roanoke and Winchester areas.
  2. AirNow, jointly sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Park Service, tribal, state, and local agencies, is an online tool that allows users to find the daily air quality index for their exact location.  Just enter your zip code to get information on the air quality in your area.
  3. Clean Air Partners’ AirAlert system is in place for Northern Virginia residents to send air quality alerts to your computer or mobile device. You can choose to receive emails on a daily basis, or whenever the air quality reaches an unsafe level.
  4. For Asthma health and other respiratory concerns, the Virginia Asthma Coalition and MOMS clean air FORCE are organizations dedicated to improving air quality.  The American Lung Association has also launched their Healthy Lung Campaign, where you can learn more about air quality issues, and sign up to get in touch with the organizer in Virginia.
  5. EPA has updated its information on air quality index.  Use this new brochure to learn about air quality, and its influence on human health.

Land Protection Links

1. DEQ's Virginia Environmental Excellence Program encourages Virginia facilities and organizations to strive for environmental excellence by going above and beyond what is required of them by law.

2. Whether you live in the country or the city, recycling is a great way to help Virginia’s environment from your own home. Find out who your recycling manager is by checking DEQ’s Recycling and Litter Contacts or visit organizational and program links.

3. You can visit the EPA's Wastes homepage to learn about resource conservation, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, and to find out what you can do to reduce your waste output every day.

Conservation Partners

Virginia Conservation Network

Virginia Forever

Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts


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