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Project WET is a nationally developed, supplementary water education program for educators -- public and private school teachers, youth club leaders, museum staff and other community educators. DEQ trains approximately 1,000 educators each year using a corps of volunteer facilitators and local sponsors who distribute free curriculum guides at six-hour workshops. Other curriculum materials can be ordered directly from national Project WET.


Project WET is designed to teach students how to think, rather than what to think. Special emphasis is given to understanding the needs for water by all water users (e.g., municipalities, farmers and ranchers, power suppliers, industry, recreationists, and fish and wildlife). The program also shows that wise water management is essential to the future social and economic prosperity of our country.


Project WET addresses atmospheric water, surface water, ground water, cultural and historical uses of water, and contemporary water management issues such as stormwater, water conservation, flooding and nonpoint source pollution. Professionally developed teaching aids are hands-on, self-contained, and user-friendly. 

In Virginia, Project WET curricula are used to implement "meaningful watershed educational experiences" (MWEE).  Activities can be used to prepare, assess and debrief field investigations. 


In Virginia, DEQ,  in conjunction with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, leads the program. Workshops are hosted by local sponsors including local Soil and Water Conservation Districts.  The Water Resources Research Center maintains a online directory of certified water educators who can help deliver training and implement MWEEs. .

Available Project WET resources: 

Project WET bannerProject WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 is a 592-page book with lessons for K-12 science, math, social studies and language arts. These guides are available in six-hour teacher training workshops.  Other curricula can be purchased online: Wonder of Wetlands; Healthy Water/Healthy People (water quality), Discover a Watershed Manager, and Conserve Water

A wide variety of teaching materials, developed by national Project WET, are available to enhance your water program. Visit the Project WET store to order publications, maps, water test kits, student booklets and the curriculum guides.

Science Standards of Learning correlated activities and Virginia adaptations to Incredible Journey and Common Water.

Discover Water, a new interactive site for students, lets them explore the role of water in their lives.

Project WET trainers can download the Project WET banner and print to the specifications you need. If you need assistance, please contact Jennifer Underwood. Facilitator forms for download:

If you want to attend schedule a WET workshop please contact Jill Hrynciw or a certified educator near you.

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