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DEQ's Strategic Plan

Program capability

Goal: Achieve focused, more efficient programs to meet or exceed environmental standards.

Objective:  Proactive policies, comprehensive planning and effective program development


  • Develop strategies to address emerging contaminants.
  • Develop  and implement effective programs to mitigate climate change impacts and continue air quality improvements.
  • Conduct comprehensive planning for sustainable management of the commonwealth’s water resources.
  • Strengthen stormwater management programs.
  • Continue progress on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan actions.
  • Lead the commonwealth’s watershed impaired water improvement efforts.
  • Lead the commonwealth’s greening of government efforts.
  • Ensure a responsive and efficient Pollution Response Program.
  • Implement the commonwealth’s coal ash management strategy.

Objective:  Certain, consistent, appropriate and timely compliance, permits and enforcement


  • Ensure and evaluate that formal enforcement actions appropriately address non-compliance and assess civil charges.
  • Ensure efficient, consistent, compliant, innovative and effective practices and processes.

Objective:  Focused monitoring and assessment


  • Implement ambient water quality strategies.
  • Evaluate efficiency and sufficiency of air and water monitoring program.


Goal: Foster an informed and engaged public.

Objective: Collaborate with stakeholders and the public to solve environmental problems


  • Address problems proactively; continue to implement communications and public involvement best practices throughout agency operations.
  • Increase cooperation and partnerships with local governments and environmental stakeholders.
  • Create consistent support networks for program development and implementation.
  • Enhance public involvement by developing innovative tools that improve access to information.
  • Lead the commonwealth’s coastal and ocean planning efforts.

Objective: Support the commonwealth’s resilience efforts by encouraging climate change adaptation through programmatic outreach and requirements


  • Make climate change adaptation an explicit, expected outcome of appropriate agency programs and initiatives.


Goal:  Achieve optimal use of current and new resources.

Objective: Agency resources focused on priorities at full capacity


  • Strengthen a culture of strategic thinking and continuous improvement.
  • Secure and expand the on-line interactive capability and presence of the agency.
  • Effectively manage agency financial resources to support operations.


Goal: Sustain an outcome-oriented workforce and culture.

Objective: Achieve a workforce that is prepared for the future


  • Support a “One DEQ” collaborative culture.
  • Attract, develop and retain skilled professionals to meet agency priorities.
  • Build a knowledge-retention and knowledge-sharing culture to support agency continuity.
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