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COVID-19 Updates in Virginia

April 1 - Limited Amount of Environmental Monitoring Resumes

Air monitoring, surface water investigations and groundwater monitoring will resume using appropriate field safety protocols, public health guidance and recommendations related to ensure the safety of DEQ employees, businesses and the public. Visit DEQ's new COVID-19 page.

April 1 - Additional Time For Vehicle Emissions Tests Provided

Northern Virginia residents who are required to obtain a vehicle emissions inspection to renew their registration in March or April have an additional 60 days to do so. View the news release or the  Air Check Virginia web pages for more information.

March 31 - Enforcement and Compliance Guidance Related To COVID-19

In response to a recent announcement on enforcement discretion from the Environmental Protection Agency, today DEQ Director David Paylor clarified Virginia’s approach to enforcement and compliance guidance for all regulated entities [more].

March 31 - Virginia Issues Annual Report On Chemical Releases

Toxic Release Inventory shows trend toward decrease in chemicals being released According to the latest Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) report prepared by DEQ the amount of chemicals released into Virginia’s environment continues to drop [more].

March 25 - Management of COVID-19 Wastes

There are no new requirements for COVID-19 contaminated wastes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). They recommend COVID-19 waste continue to be managed in accordance with Virginia’s existing regulations for regulated medical wastes and solid wastes. See guidance for details.

March 24 - Public Meetings and Public Hearings Canceled Through April

All public meetings and hearings have been canceled through the end of April due to COVID-19 health concerns and the Governor’s Declaration of a State of Emergency. Additionally, the State Water Control Board will not have a regular meeting this spring. We will notify the public of all rescheduled meetings through the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website.

March 20 - Public Comment Period Extension for Virginia True Corporation

The DEQ Director has extended the public comment period until April 3, 2020. In addition, the Director has waived the notice requirements under the authority of Paragraph C of Governor Northam's Executive Order No. 51(2020).

March 18 -  Emergency Response Continues

DEQ’s Pollution Response Program will continue to respond to statewide environmental emergencies and reports of significant pollution incidents.

Interviews Begin For DEQ Environmental Justice Study

During phase one of the environmental justice study, Skeo completed research and an assessment of DEQ’s statutory authority across air, water and land programs. The next phase, interviews with a broad cross-section of stakeholders, is now beginning. [more]

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