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COVID-19 Updates in Virginia

$34 Million Announced for Clean Energy Projects Throughout Commonwealth

Governor Ralph Northam announced that Virginia will invest $14 million from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust to replace all-diesel cargo handling equipment at the Port of Virginia with zero-emission all-electric equipment, and $20 million to fund the Clean Air Communities Program to electrify government fleets across the Commonwealth.

Requirements for Amalgam Separators Effective July 14

EPA’s rule requires most dental offices install and maintain an amalgam separator to collect mercury, a neurotoxin, and keep it from entering wastewater. Dental offices that apply or remove amalgam must have separators installed by July 14, 2020. Compliance reports must be filed with DEQ by Oct. 12, 2020. See DEQ Dental Rule for more information.

Virginia to Participate in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Governor Ralph Northam announced on July 8 that Virginia has become the newest member of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a market-based collaborative effort among Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector, while driving economic growth. Proceeds from the program will support energy efficiency, renewable energy and other programs for consumers. [Read more].

Historic $100M Approved for Hampton Roads Water Improvement Projects

DEQ, in partnership with the Virginia Resources Authority, has closed a loan with Hampton Roads Sanitation District to finance $100 million of their Capital Improvement Plan and Sustainable Water Infrastructure for Tomorrow (SWIFT) Program. [Read more.]

More Time for Vehicle Emissions Inspections

Drivers who are required to obtain an emissions inspection through the Air Check program to renew their vehicle registration may have up to an additional 90 days to complete inspections for those due to expire on or before July 31, 2020.

DEQ Releases Annual Report on Solid Waste Management in Virginia

DEQ has released its annual report on solid waste management in Virginia. The report provides the amount of solid waste managed in Virginia in 2019, as well as the types and sources of solid waste generated from outside the commonwealth. Read [more].

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